High Tensile Screen Protect Film

We have two type of protective film as below

---Hard Coating, Rub-Resistant Protective Film---

---Self Heal, High Tensile Strength Protective Film---




---Self Heal, High Tensile Strength Protective Film---

Self Heal, High Tensile Strength Protective Film can apply on the curved screen. Difference with hard coating protective film, this protective film has high tensile can fit the 3D curved screen and can absorb the impact of mobile phones when subjected to external forces. This protective film is a new generation of protective film.

structure of High Tensile Strength Protective Film structure


1.The High Technology of Self Heal Layer (Self Repair)

Force-One develop new technology “ Self-Repair Layer “ on the film to protect your phone or tablet. It's called “paint protection film” on the automotive. Now Force-One develop and improve it on the touch panel. It likes your skin will heal by itself. The principle as below picture. The pictures of microscope we can found scratch was repaired by itself between few secs.

self repair

self heal


2.The Best Shield from High Tensile Strength

With a high tensile strength of 2900 PSI (20 MPa) and an elongation of 450%, it provides complete protection for you devices.

Force-One provides protection for external impact by high tensile strength and elongation, and all external forces are absorbed by it. This technology is used to provide helicopter propellers and front radar covers for fighters to protect and against external impact injuries at high speeds.

stretch film

stretch film